About us

About us

Excellent, spol. s r.o. Košice is an integrated international consulting company focused on assistance to both foreign investors and entrepreneurs who intend to penetrate emerging markets in Central and Eastern Europe and Slovak entrepreneurs seeking business opportunities in the EU.

Our services are accomplished by a range of auditors, tax consultants, and financial investors, and experts in the real estate area including restructuring and reorganizing.

The company is affiliated with a number of prominent consulting companies focused on international transfer of funds, technologies and business activities, both at home and abroad.

Our success is based on an effective combination of a sector specialization, profound knowledge of the local market, constant awareness of the latest developments and trends in our activities and the activities of our clients, and the building of a long-term partnership with our clients relying on solid knowledge of their needs, culture and philosophy.

Our vision

To help the business sector, especially small and medium sized business entities (SMEs), to improve their results and successfully manage new opportunities and challenges emphasizing the implementation of innovative processes both into production and into the organization of companies including measurable outputs.


Our mission

To be a significant international consulting company on the European market providing innovative solutions to our clients that initiate and contribute to their long-term development.

Our objectives

  • Maintain long-term partnerships with our clients based on mutual understanding and knowledge of their basic values and philosophies.
  • Provide professional and high quality consulting services.
  • Continuously develop our "know-how" by exchanging and consolidating information with domestic and foreign entities arising from a good knowledge of the domestic and foreign market and environment.
  • Provide work and services in accordance with the highest international quality standards and ethics of consulting services.
  • Improve the level of our services by consolidating activities with our partner offices in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Build functional work groups to provide our clients with functional proficiency of our services.
  • Constantly emphasize performance, success, professional procedures and work methodology with our clients.
  • Constantly follow current happenings, exchange "know-how" and experiences by means of "practice groups" on global, regional and local levels.




European Union expansion offered a wide area of opportunities to extend business activities in the new unified Europe. Commerce is the one and only area of human activity creating resources both for individuals and for the society. If we want our economy to be successful, strong and competitive it must be socially responsible towards all population segments.

„The spinal column“ of every single well run economy is a strong background in the SME business sector. Our economy does not become stronger by the extension of EU; rather it becomes stronger by using the wide European business area at every single level including SME business units. One of the most important strategic objectives of every successful company should be the strengthening of their position on the existing markets and a continuous expansion into emerging markets.

Reacting to the changes in the European market our company has undergone several transformations since it was established in 1994. The way for the business units to penetrate the emerging European market is to cooperate in the areas of science, research and production; to cooperate commercially; and to make investments which implement innovative procedures.

We offer

Excellent spol. s r.o. and its domestic and foreign partners have many years of experience in the following activities together with a wide range of contacts in individual countries of EU.

We are a reliable partner for the use of benefits offered by the emerging European market and we are fully at your disposal to extend your business and partnerships. We offer the following services to our partners and customers:

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